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Sustainable Energy

The world is waking up to the dawn of a green energy revolution. The need and positive impact clean, sustainable energy will have on future generations can no longer be ignored but embraced. Olsuswa Energy as a green power company looks to unlock the vast geothermal potential sitting beneath the Kenyan soils. Olsuswa Energy’s active participation in the industry is in part shaped by its vision for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for all.


Kenya offers tremendous opportunities for Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Her robust energy policies and regulations have created the right ingredients for private sector investment in energy generation. The country’s Vision 2030 development goal of adding over 10,000MW into the national grid can only be achieved through the participation of both public and private sector players. Olsuswa Energy is honored to be part of the geothermal IPPs in Kenya.

Sustainable Relationships

The new constitution of Kenya offers a devolved framework that allows for the creation of inclusive stakeholder engagements. Community participation is not only critical but part of Olsuswa Energy’s engrained ethos. The pivotal role in ensuring that the project becomes a success for all stakeholders is important for the company. We are dedicated to working tirelessly with the County Governments and the National Government to ensure this third pillar is enforced.



Vision 2030 target of Geothermal production in Kenya


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BVC Power plant potential


  • About Us

    Olsuswa Energy Limited is a Kenyan based company focused on renewable energy projects across Africa. In the Republic of Kenya Olsuswa Energy has been granted a geothermal resource licence (No.1/2016) as per the Geothermal Act (1982) for the northern most-known geothermal prospect- Barrier Volcanic Complex in Turkana County.

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