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Sustainable Energy

The world is waking up to the dawn of a green energy revolution. The need and positive impact clean, sustainable energy will have on future generations can no longer be ignored but embraced. Olsuswa Energy as a green power company looks to unlock the vast geothermal potential sitting beneath the Kenyan soils. Olsuswa Energy’s active participation in the industry is in part shaped by its vision for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for all.


Kenya offers tremendous opportunities for Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Her robust energy policies and regulations have created the right ingredients for private sector investment in energy generation. The country’s Vision 2030 development goal of adding over 10,000MW into the national grid can only be achieved through the participation of both public and private sector players. Olsuswa Energy is honored to be part of the geothermal IPPs in Kenya.

Sustainable Relationships

The new constitution of Kenya offers a devolved framework that allows for the creation of inclusive stakeholder engagements. Community participation is not only critical but part of Olsuswa Energy’s engrained ethos. The pivotal role in ensuring that the project becomes a success for all stakeholders is important for the company. We are dedicated to working tirelessly with the County Governments and the National Government to ensure this third pillar is enforced.


Olsuswa Energy Limited is a Kenyan based company focused on renewable energy projects across Africa. In the Republic of Kenya Olsuswa Energy has been granted a geothermal resource licence (No.1/2016) as per the Geothermal Act (1982) for the northern most-known geothermal prospect- Barrier Volcanic Complex in Turkana County. As a local company, Olsuswa Energy looks to provide local solutions in the Kenyan energy sector for the benefit of all consumers by reducing energy costs through the national grid and hence providing clean, green and affordable electricity in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030. Olsuswa’s intended prospect covers an area of 136 sq.km.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is power derived from the heat generated and stored in the earth’s crust. This thermal energy is found in rocks and fluid beneath the earth’s surface; with occurrence varying from shallow ground to several kilometers deep.

It is a renewable resource that can be harnessed for:

  • Electricity generation
  • Direct heating applications.

Potential in Kenya

High-temperature geothermal prospects within the country are spread over the Kenyan Rift, traversing from the South to the North. The rift is a volcano-tectonic feature and as a result, most of the potential sites are characterized by large shield volcanoes occurring in the axis of the rift. These potential sites are indicated on the map beside and are known to be the best geothermal sites in the world due to the phenomenal geological formations in The Great Rift Valley.


Manga Mugwe


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Manga Mugwe is the co-founder and Chairman of Olsuswa Energy Limited since 2009. He has achieved the recognition of a highly experienced and independent chairman across several sectors. His breadth of experience lies in mineral exploration where he sits as the Chairman of Mayfox Mining Company Limited, manufacturing, telecommunications, large scale agriculture, energy, media, insurance and real estate in Eastern Africa. He has served in various parastatal boards e.g. Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), Kenya National Trading Company (KNTC), Sports Stadia Management Board of Kenya and also in public company boards e.g. Jubilee Insurance Company. He has also served as the chairman of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), in view of being an industrialist - Morris & Co. Ltd (for Steel).

Kim Gredsted

Board Member

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Kim has been a member of the board of Olsuswa Energy Limited since the beginning of 2015. He is currently a managing partner and co-founder of Frontier Investment Management (Denmark). Prior to co-founding Frontier Investment Management, Kim worked with private equity investments in emerging markets for IFU for 7 years of which two were spent as Head of Regional Office in Johannesburg. Prior to IFU Kim worked with M&A, venture capital financing, restructuring, and general Danish and international business law, for a total of 7 years as associate and senior associate in two leading Danish law firms. Kim has also co-founded and co-developed two start-ups, including New York based Trunk Archive. He holds a M.Sc. Law from the University of Copenhagen and an MBA from INSEAD.

Lars Tejlgård Jensen

Board Member

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Lars has been a member of the board of Olsuswa Energy Limited since the beginning of 2015. He is currently a managing partner and co-founder of Frontier Investment Management (Denmark). Prior to co-founding Frontier Investment Management, Lars worked 12 years with investments, business organizations, political leaders and international organizations in wide range of emerging markets as consultant & Partner and managing director in a consultancy firm under the Confederation of Danish Industries with 80 employees and offices in Denmark, China, India, Russia, Brazil and USA. He holds a M. Sc. Econ from the University of Copenhagen and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Program for Leadership Development.

Mugwe Manga

Commercial Director

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Mugwe Manga is a co-founder of Olsuswa Energy Limited and has served as commercial director since 2009. He manages the company’s business development strategy and has been integrally involved in the implementation of its geothermal exploration programs. After having completed his IB diploma from the prestigious Sevenoaks School (UK), he garnered a BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Nottingham and a Masters in International Business (MIB) from Grenoble École de Management. He has gained experience in the banking industry working at Goldman Sachs International, London under the Private Wealth Management division specializing in institutional portfolios. He has gained over 8 years of experience working in Kenya, where he sits on various boards including Mayfox Mining Company Limited, Kenya’s leading indigenous mineral exploration firm and on both boards of ICEA Lion Life Assurance and ICEA Lion General Insurance both part of the ICEA Lion Group. Mugwe is also an alumni of the Swedish Institute Management Program (SIMP).

Our Team

Sam Abraham

Project Manager

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Sam is Olsuswa Energy’s Project Manager. He has a wealth of experience, having been in the drilling industry for 23 years, both in upstream Oil and Gas and Geothermal. He holds an MS in Petroleum Technology and MS in Engineering Management from National University, California. He is a specialist in drilling engineering technology, drilling project management, drilling operational reviews and drilling efficiency improvement. He has worked as an instructor for drilling and project management for EAGP and contributed greatly to the formulation of the African Union Code of Practice for Geothermal Drilling that was released at the AU in June 2016. Sam has also contributed to many technical papers at various conferences including the World Conference at Bali, 2010 and Melbourne, 2015.

James Wambugu

Exploration Manager

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James Wambugu is a seasoned Geothermist with over thirty years’ experience in geothermal work with a vast experience in planning and execution of geothermal programs. Has worked both in Kenya and other African countries which include Zambia, the Comoros, Rwanda and Malawi. Areas of expertise include surface exploration, conceptual modeling, steam field monitoring and management and feasibility studies of geothermal systems. Major projects handled include geothermal resource exploration at Olkaria fields, Menengai, Suswa, Longonot and Baringo-Silali along the Kenyan Rift valley. Over 20 years of Experience gained in geothermal reservoir monitoring and management including planning and executing tracer and injection tests in the steam producing reservoirs at Olkaria. He has previously worked with the Ministry of Energy, Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited and Geothermal Development Company Limited (Geothermal Resource Development Manager). Other private projects include geothermal resource planning and assessment for Barrier in Northern Kenya and Ol’Rongai in Nakuru. Currently he is the Lead Expert and Director at Geoconsults (K) Limited. James holds an MSc degree in Geochemistry from University of Leeds, England, BSc in Chemistry and Geology from University of Nairobi, Kenya and has attended numerous trainings locally and abroad including Geothermal Technology at Kyushu University Japan and Advanced Post graduate training and Research in Geothermal Energy at United Nations University, Geothermal Training Programme, Reykjavik Iceland. He is a Member of the Geological Society of Kenya, Geothermal Association of Kenya and he is a Registered Geologist with Geologists Registration Board of Kenya. He has authored many technical publications on geothermal energy exploration and development.

Francis Njino

Geothermal Geologist

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Francis joined Olsuswa Energy in 2015, where he brings to the team the technical skills involved in surface exploration in geology, geochemistry and geophysics along with GIS mapping and interpretations. He has brief experience working on the Menangai and Suswa geothermal fields in the surface exploration and drilling program lead by the state owned Geothermal Development Company (GDC). He holds a BSc. in Geology from the University of Nairobi (Kenya).

Clifford Odhiambo


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Clifford joined the Olsuswa Energy team in 2014, where he has been responsible for the running of accounts for the company. He has gained a Certified Public Accountant certificate through the KCA University and is a member of ICPAK.

Catherine Mbugua

Administrator & P.A to the Directors

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Catherine Mbugua joined the Olsuswa team in the year 2014 as an Administrator and PA to the directors. She has a vast experience regarding administrative and office procedures having held a similar position in the hospitality industry since 2005.

Kevin Njau


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Kevin Njau is a Bsc. Geology holder from the University of Nairobi (Kenya). Currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Economic Geology from the same institution. Kevin has over 5 years of experience in mineral exploration. His repertoire covers geothermal geology and is a beneficiary of short-term experience in geology, geochemistry, and geophysical studies at KenGen. Kevin is an aspiring volcanologist and is well versed with hard-rock geology, alteration geology, and structural geology. He is a member of the Geological Society of Kenya.

"We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so that we can bequeath our children a sustainable world that benefits all."

Wangari Maathai
Kenyan Environmental activist, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Our Project

Barrier Volcanic Complex
This is one of the geothermal prospects within the Kenyan Rift and is situated south of the iconic Lake Turkana, the worlds largest desert lake, popularly known as the Jade Sea. The Barrier Volcanic Complex separates Lake Turkana from the spectacular Suguta Valley. This volcanic complex forms a wh
ale back ridge that is 20km long and 15km wide, and consists of 4 distinct shield volcanoes:
• Kaloleyang
• Kakorinya
• Likaiu East
• Likaiu West
Reconnaissance surveys by the British Geological Survey (BGS) team indicated an occurrence of strong surface manifestations, signifying a hydrothermal system. Further surface studies conducted in 2011 revealed a high-temperature resource area covering 60 sq.kmwith subsurface temperatures of around 281degrees Celsius and an estimated potential of 750MWe.
Olsuswa Energy plans to tap into this geothermal resource for the production of clean, affordable electricity that will be fed to the national grid via the 400kV Loyangalani-Suswa transmission linewhich is currently under construction by KETRACO and is due to be completed by the end of 2016.

Olsuswa Energy - The Barrier Volcanic Complex

Some Fun Facts

Kenya's Vision 2030 MW Geothermal Target
Kenya's Geothermal MW Potential
Kenya's rank in global geothermal energy production.
Barrier Volcanic Complex Power Plant MW Capacity

"I think we have the capacity to build this world not dependent on fossil-fuel. I think it will happen, and it won't destroy economy"

Kofi Annan
Ghanaian Diplomat, 7th Secretary General of the United Nations

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