Provision of Drilling Services for Two (2) Geothermal Slim Wells and Two (2) Standard Geothermal Wells at The Barrier Volcanic Complex, Turkana, Kenya

This will involve:
1) Mobilization and demobilization of the required drilling rig, auxiliary equipment and personnel to and from the Project area. This shall also include rig up and rig down.
2) Drilling the well at the sites in accordance with the agreed Drilling Program and in accordance with the specifications set out in Part III of the RfP document. The contractor shall have his own drill string including all required drill bits with full inspection certificates.
3) Provision of well control equipment (BOP) as per the specifications set out in Part III of the RfP document .
4) Provision of required bentonite, polymer and drilling detergent.
5) Running of casing and cementing services including supply of cement, equipment and personnel. The cementing shall be carried out as per the specifications set out in Part III of the RfP document.
6) Well logging, supply of down-hole logging equipment (temperature and pressure) and personnel, and execution of the services. Well testing requirements will be determined by the reservoir conditions and well productivity.
7) Mud logging.
8) Well completion testing.

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Deadline : 13th September 2019 17:00HRS EAT

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  • OEL Admin

    OEL Admin ,

    As communicated earlier, we shall be conducting the mandatory site visit on 16th August 2019. After negotiations with our helicopter service provider, we have arrived at an averaged cost of Kshs 300,250 per person. This fee shall include 7 hours flight time (breakdown detailed below), passenger tax, landing & navigation fee and packed lunch.
    The interim itinerary is as follows;
    1. 0600h- Participants check in at Wilson Airport
    2. 0700h- Departure from Wilson for the BVC
    3. 0800h- Refueling at Baringo/Maralal
    4. 0900h- Arrival at the BVC
    5. 0900h to 1200h- Comprehensive site and proposed routes assessment
    6. 1200h to 1300h- Lunch break
    7. 1300h- Departure for Wilson Airport
    8. 1400h- Refueling at Baringo/Maralal
    9. 1500h- Arrival at Wilson Airport
    Interested participants are requested to pay the indicated cost above via RTGS on or before Tuesday 13th August 2019.
    Further to that, we hereby invite you for a pre-site-visit round table meeting to discuss in details and plan the objectives of the site visit to be held at 9am on Wednesday 14th August 2019 at our offices at Mayfox House, Garden Rd, off Riverside Drive, Nairobi.
    We take this opportunity to earnestly thank you for your interest in bidding for our tenders.

    • OEL Admin

      OEL Admin ,


      We wish to bring to your attention, the following;
      The mandatory visit has been rescheduled to 16th August 2019. The submission deadline still remains as Tuesday 27th August 2019.
      The site is inaccessible by road and the only means viable is via helicopter. Therefore, due to the limited passenger capacity, we encourage each participant to send a maximum of two representatives.
      Please note- The cost for each passenger shall be fully borne by the participant.
      For convenience, we are currently negotiating for favourable helicopter hire rates for the site visit with our long term service provider.
      Participants are requested to confirm attendance by Friday 9th August 2019 after which the averaged cost per passenger shall be promptly communicated, to be paid to BVC Geothermal (K) Ltd. by Tuesday, 13th August.

      The participants will need to be assembled at Wilson Airport at 0600h and thereafter, the flight(s) shall be departing at 0700h.
      The interim itinerary for the site visit is as follows;
      0600h- Participants check in at Wilson Airport
      0700h- Departure from Wilson for the BVC
      0800h- Refueling at Baringo/Maralal
      0900h- Arrival at BVC
      0900h to 1200h- Comprehensive site and proposed route(s) assessment
      1200h to 1300h- Lunch break
      1300h- Departure for Wilson Airport
      1400h- Refueling at Baringo/Maralal
      1500h- Arrival at Wilson Airport

      Thank you for your participation.

      • OEL Admin

        OEL Admin ,

        Dear All
        You are kindly requested to post any queries or comments in this “Comments” section of each tender’s page.
        This is to enable prompt and open response by our team and to avoid redundancy.
        Thank you as you participate.

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