Provision of Engineering Design, Surveying, Construction, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of a Geothermal Drilling Water Supply System

BVC Geothermal (K) Limited hereby invites proposals for the following contracting services;

  1. To conduct a detailed engineering design of a stable water supply drawing water from Lake Turkana delivering to Kakorinya Caldera within the wider BVC complex
  2. Procurement of construction consumables and/or leasing of pumps/valves/pipes etc.
  3. Construction and installation of the entire water supply system including pumps and pump stations
  4. Operation & maintenance of the water supply system including pumps and pump station

Download the full document here

Download the BVC-RFP-ED-001-2019 (Water Supply System Design & Construction) addendum here

Download the BVC-RFP-ED-001-2019 (Water Supply System Design & Construction) addendum no. 2 here. Please take note of the BOQ’s sections 2,3 and 4 (Highlighted in Yellow)

Deadline : 27th September 2019 17:00HRS EAT

Time remaining to upload documents

Tender status: Tenders under review


  • dmwaura

    dmwaura ,

    Good Evening,

    Kindly confirm if Ol Suswa will provide the LAYDOWN, i.e, the working area that will house storage, office, accommodation facilities etc.

    Warm Regards,

  • dmwaura

    dmwaura ,

    Good Morning,

    We seek the following clarifications:-

    1. On BOQ Bill no. 2; Item No. 2.1 – Allow for designing the water supply system including the pumps and booster stations (if needed)……this item allows for the design of the pumping system and the waterline.

    However, you have provided other BOQ Items No. 2.3 – Allow for Construction and piping of the water supply line and 2.4 – Supply and install 2 water pumps (submersible and Hi-Lift) as per design and specifications. These two items we feel are already covered in BOQ Item No. 2.1.

    Kindly clarify on this.

    2. Bill No. 4, Item 4.1 – Allow for construction of the water supply line as per design and specifications is in ambiguity with item no. 4.2 – Allow for piping of the water supply system to storage facility and well drilling site as per design and specifications.

    Kindly clarify.

    • OEL Admin

      OEL Admin ,

      Good morning Daniel,

      Thank you for the questions.

      Our need to clarify your concerns has led us to prepare an addendum to the BoQ section only of the Water System RFP. Note the yellow highlights in the document.
      Please download the attached Addendum No.2 on this page. We believe that it will address the clarifications.
      Bidders of this tender will also be emailed the Addendum No. 2.

      Kindly note that we categorized the works into elements such as Design, Construction, Supply etc. as we want individualized quotations for such.

    • lawiomondi84

      lawiomondi84 ,

      To whom it may concern.
      My name is Lawrence, the Ass. Marketing Manager CBMI, Kenya Construction Co. Ltd. We are interested to bid in the tender invitation announced. Kindly respond to the inquiries below since time is not on our side;

      1. Confirm if the site visit is as stated in the tender document, 9th Aug 2017 and also the submission deadline, 27th Aug 2019.
      2. Is there a restriction to the number of personnel allowed to the site, during the visit.
      3. What time is it to commence, the site visit.
      4. Is there a nearby provider of helicopters for hire around the locality, if not advice on the easiest way possible.
      5. Can you provide both road and flight flow plan for the trip to the location.
      6. Is there a place where our delegates can spend a night and what are the rates or name for us to inquire directly.
      7. Any pre-proposal conference.

      Your quick response to the above would highly be appreciated, thanks in advance.
      Kind regards,

      • OEL Admin

        OEL Admin ,

        1. The mandatory visit has been rescheduled to 16th August 2019. The submission deadline still remains as Tuesday 27th August 2019

        2. The site is inaccessible by road. The only means viable is via helicopter. Therefore, due to the limited passenger capacity, we encourage each participant to send a maximum of two representatives
        *Please note- The cost for each passenger shall be fully borne by the participant

        3. The participants will need to be assembled at Wilson Airport at 0600h and thereafter, the flight(s) shall be departing at 0700h

        4. There are no helicopter service providers within the locality of the site. The services can only be sourced from Nairobi. For convenience, we are currently negotiating for favourable helicopter hire rates for the site visit with our long term service provider
        Participants are requested to confirm attendance by Friday 9th August after which the averaged cost per passenger shall be communicated, to be paid by Tuesday, 13th August

        5. Interim itinerary for the site visit
        0600h- Participants check in at Wilson Airport
        0700h- Departure from Wilson for the BVC
        0800h- Refueling at Baringo/Maralal
        0900h- Arrival at BVC
        0900h to 1200h- Comprehensive site and proposed route(s) assessment
        1200h to 1300h- Lunch break
        1300h- Departure for Wilson Airport
        1400h- Refueling at Baringo/Maralal
        1500h- Arrival at Wilson Airport

        *Please note- Road access to site is impossible

        6. Given the current site visit arrangements, boarding near the site will not be necessary

        7. There will be no pre-proposal conference. However, participants are encouraged to post any queries on this platform for prompt & comprehensive clarification

        Thank you for your participation.

      • OEL Admin

        OEL Admin ,

        Dear All
        You are kindly requested to post any queries or comments in this “Comments” section of each tender’s page.
        This is to enable prompt and open response by our team and to avoid redundancy.
        Thank you as you participate.

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