Provision of Engineering Design, Surveying, Construction, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of a Geothermal Drilling Water Supply System

BVC Geothermal (K) Limited hereby invites proposals for the following contracting services;

  1. To conduct a detailed engineering design of a stable water supply drawing water from Lake Turkana delivering to Kakorinya Caldera within the wider BVC complex
  2. Procurement of construction consumables and/or leasing of pumps/valves/pipes etc.
  3. Construction and installation of the entire water supply system including pumps and pump stations
  4. Operation & maintenance of the water supply system including pumps and pump stations

Deadline : 27th September 2019 17:00HRS EAT

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    Olsuswa Energy Limited is a Kenyan based company focused on renewable energy projects across Africa. In the Republic of Kenya Olsuswa Energy has been granted a geothermal resource licence (No.1/2016) as per the Geothermal Act (1982) for the northern most-known geothermal prospect- Barrier Volcanic Complex in Turkana County.

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