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Barrier Volcanic Complex
This is one of the geothermal prospects within the Kenyan Rift and is situated south of the iconic Lake Turkana, the worlds largest desert lake, popularly known as the Jade Sea. The Barrier Volcanic Complex separates Lake Turkana from the spectacular Suguta Valley. This volcanic complex forms a wh
ale back ridge that is 20km long and 15km wide, and consists of 4 distinct shield volcanoes:
• Kaloleyang
• Kakorinya
• Likaiu East
• Likaiu West

Reconnaissance surveys by the British Geological Survey (BGS) team indicated an occurrence of strong surface manifestations, signifying a hydrothermal system. Further surface studies conducted in 2011 revealed a high-temperature resource area covering 60 sq.kmwith subsurface temperatures of around 281degrees Celsius and an estimated potential of 750MWe.
Olsuswa Energy plans to tap into this geothermal resource for the production of clean, affordable electricity that will be fed to the national grid via the 400kV Loyangalani-Suswa transmission linewhich is currently under construction by KETRACO and is due to be completed by the end of 2016.

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