OEL/RFP/006/2016: Environmental & Social Baseline Survey and Stakeholder Engagement
Opening Date: 18-05-2016 Closing Date: 06-06-2016 Status: Closed

The scope of this assignment is divided into 2 sections:

i.) Environmental & Social Baseline Survey

The following areas are to be covered in detail:

  • Regulatory & Administrative Framework;
  • Geology, Land Use & Cover;
  • Water & Hydrology;
  • Landscape & Visual;
  • Archaeology & Cultural Heritage;
  • Air Quality & Noise;
  • Biodiversity & Ecology; and
  • Socio-economic Environment.

ii.) Stakeholder Engagement

This shall entail:

  • Stakeholder Identification and Analysis;
  • Information Disclosure;
  • Stakeholder Consultation;
  • Negotiation and Partnerships;
  • Grievance Management;
  • Stakeholder Involvement in Project Monitoring;
  • Reporting to Stakeholders; and
  • Management Functions.
OEL/RFP/005/2016: Provision of Camp Services
Opening Date: 22-02-2016 Closing Date: 14-03-2016 Status: Closed

The following applicants have been shortlisted from the EoIs and are therefore invited to submit their full proposals:

  • Afex Kenya Ltd
  • Africa Eco Services
  • All Terrain Services Kenya Ltd
  • Naibala Ltd
  • Southern Engineering Ltd


The objectives of this assignment are:

  1. Preparation, setup and implementation of a turnkey base camp. Its floor plan shall include an accommodation block, an ablution block, a kitchen and dining block and a storage block.
  2. Provision of a power solution to power the entire camp facility.
  3. Provision of internet and telecommunication services.
  4. Provision of security around the camp for 24 hours.
  5. Provision of emergency medical services to include proof to access of an ambulance and to emergency evacuation facility.
  6. Provision of catering services to include; breakfast and dinner at the camp and lunch at the exploration site.
  7. Provision of housekeeping services at the camp list the services.
  8. Overall camp management.
OEL/RFP/003/2015-2016 : Detailed Geoscientific Surface Study
Opening Date: 16-11-2015 Closing Date: 15-01-2016 Status: Closed

The objective of this assignment is:

  1. To carry out geophysical surveys, geochemical surveys, geological mapping, gravity analysis and micro-seismic surveys as well as generate a detailed structural map, a gravity anomaly map and a micro-seismic events map and ultimately a conceptual model for the geothermal concession area located within the Barrier Volcanic Complex.
OEL/RFP/004/2015-2016 : Provision of Consulting Services for Geothermal Exploration Activities
Opening Date: 16-11-2015 Closing Date: 15-01-2016 Status: Closed

The role of the consultant shall be to provide the following services:

  1. Project management and advisory– Reviewing the Barrier geothermal exploration and execution plans.
  2. Capacity building – Training of Olsuswa Energy’s key personnel.
  3. Geoscientific data quality control and assurance coupled with geoscientific data interpretation.
  4. Technical reporting and presentation.
  5. Baseline and ESIA reports review.
  6. Recommendation of relevant geothermal project management software for data storage, processing and interpretation.